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Selection of WWF Freund Factory Images 
WWF/Freund Factory Coral Triangle Expedition


WWF Coral Triangle Photographic Expedition
May/June 2010
The WWF / Freund Factory Expedition is an 18 month photojournalistic expedition into the heart of the Coral Triangle, investigating the connectivity between the wildlife and peoples of the region, and the threats they face.

Juergen and Stella Freund were at Walindi in October 2008 when they received a most special email from WWF International's Global Photo Network Manager, Paul Sunters, asking them to undertake this photographic expedition.

They recently re-visited Walindi and MV FeBrina, along with Mahonia Na Dari, as part of the WWF / Freund Factory Expedition.

View their blog articles here:-

Juergen and Stella Freund and the WWF Walindi Gang
Juergen and Stella Freund,
along with Walindi staff showing off
the WWF banner.

WWF Coral Triangle Expedition
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